This Teenage Daughter Receives A Coveted Gift She Doesn’t Deserve


Family_Yasmin_Ahmad_SS1 KRK

Putting your kids first means that sometimes, your own needs come last.

In this short film, this single father tries to provide for his daughter the best he can.

Their lives are simple, uncomplicated, but that doesn’t seem enough when the daughter blossoms into a temperamental and hormonal teenager.

Family_Yasmin_Ahmad_SS3 KRK

She seethes when her one pair of cheap stilettos embarrassed her in front of her friends.

She gives him the silent treatment — some of us would call it being a moody teenager.

Family_Yasmin_Ahmad_SS2 KRK

Her father responded to her silently, lovingly, and went beyond what he needed to provide for her.

She got her red shoes, but the real gift here was his unconditional love.

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‘Family’ was made by the late Yasmin Ahmad for the Ministry of Community Development & Sports in Singapore.

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