A Teenage Girl Decides On Her Life, Pregnancy & Shame


Noise ss4 krk

It began innocently. It was sweet. Kengo was Ayumi’s boyfriend, her companion, her partner in crime. They spent endless days together.

Then she misses her period, and she told Kengo. He was by her side.

Noise ss3 krk

One afternoon, at the school nurse with a complaint that she wasn’t feeling well, Ayumi had a vision of herself and Kengo, with a bump of her own. A baby. The school nurse she was pregnant, too.

She tried to connect with the nurse, and with the bump, but in a split second she decides against it.

Noise ss7 krk

She chose to make a decision about her life and her shame. Kengo was never really far away.

But the pain, that was hers alone.

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Directed by Miyuki Uehara, with the cast Meiku Harukawa, Taiga, Mayumi Yokoyama, Akio Nakadai.

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