This Teenager Had A Secret, Stay-In Summer Fling In His Dad’s Absence


White Pause SS2 KRK

She’s an older, married woman.

They meet under unusual circumstances: she walks in to Naoto’s workplace, he offers her a place to stay. No questions are asked, they quietly and politely respects each other’s space.

White Pause SS1 KRK

The sparks of romance irked his colleague, a cousin who has a crush on him.

It’s an idyllic life. Their friendship blossoms intimately. Naoto counts down the days they have left.

One evening, she vanishes mysteriously without saying goodbye.

White Pause SS3 KRK

She as she arrived, she left, without notice. He broods over it, but only for awhile.

Summer was over, and school was back in session.

Everything went back to normal.

But only because she taught him how to let go, as the gentle brook flows.

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