Tensions Rise Between Two Couples On A Singapore Flyer Ride



Vijay and Nalini, a young Singaporean couple are visiting the Singapore Flyer for the first time. Under immense pressure and unhappy with developments at work, Vijay is withdrawn and uninterested from the get-go. Nalini’s efforts to cheer him up amounts to nothing when they are placed in a pod with another young couple from India.



While the couple from India are friendly and enthusiastic about being in Singapore, Vijay remains cold and indifferent. Nalini tries to make up for her husband’s dismissive attitude to no avail.



Instead, she is met with his constant eye-rolls and derision towards the couple from India. Unperturbed by his hostility, the couple from India makes the best of their time and continues to express their joy and excitement.



Everything comes to a head when Vijay openly sneers at the couple from India in a passive aggressive manner. This appals his wife Nalini. Despite sharing similarities, Vijay is determined to propel a clear divide between him and them.

Watch ‘Singapore Flying’ by K. Rajagopal (Singapore) on Viddsee:


‘Singapore Flying’ is part of Project RED, an anthology of short films by acclaimed local filmmakers which explores how all of us, regardless of background and where we come from, have more in common than we think. Project RED is produced in collaboration with Gov.sg.

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