That Awkward Moment When Your First Client Was Your First… Yup.


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This is Leonard Lee: he’s armed with a sweet trust fund, charmingly good looks and a mouth as sweet as sugar. While he may seem like your average poor little rich boy, he really is more than just a pretty face.

He’s also a man of memorable firsts.

Leonard of the social media agency ROFL (from the mockumentary Get Social) struggles with his game face when he meets Jacqueline Tan, the head of Forloza and ROFL’s first client.

Just when he thinks he’s got all the right moves, we realize, Jacqueline was his first first, exactly what you think it is.

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Jacqueline is the ex you want to axe from your life. She threatens to circulate a private video of Leonard from their time spent together. (Hint: He’s not wearing a shirt. Or pants.)

So this is what “viral” is, Leonard learns.

His past has seriously jeopardised ROFL’s standing, but takes one for the team to get out of the mess. Yay for leadership!

Another spoiler: ROFL survived. Leonard’s ego… took a slight beating.

Here’s Leonard in the mockumentary Get Social. Watch Episode 1:

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George Young as Leonard Lee (Founder of ROFL)
Shane Mardjuki as Samuel Ong (Head of IT & Infrastructure)
Vanessa Vanderstraaten as Rachel Lim (Business Dev Manager)
Oon Shu An as Foo Soo Ling (Media Strategist)

Get Social was directed by Robert Tan and produced by Ervin Han.

Watch Episode 2, where Leonard learns what it truly means to go viral

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