There’s A Reason Why He’s Destroying This Luxury Car


Swing SS_05

A man’s pride and joy is his family; his children, his greatest accomplishment. That’s the easiest puzzle to piece together in this man’s intriguing and twisted confession.

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Swing SS_04

He was cornered, humiliated and beaten up in front of his children in a parking lot. He couldn’t just let it go. His revenge is a masterclass in punishment, if his memory and actions serve him right.

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Swing SS_01

They won’t know what hit them.

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After all, he’s knocked out the perfect technique.

Watch ‘Swing’ by Albert Ventura (Spain) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains depictions of violence. For mature audiences only.

This short film was written, directed and edited by Albert Ventura, and based on the short novel of the same name by M. Pilar López.

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