His Best Friend Disapproves Of His Boyfriend. But Something Good Comes Out Of It.


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The moment that Lukas was dreading has arrived. His best friend Timo is making a surprise visit to check out the new man in his life, Aghi.

It was important to Lukas that they got along, but it doesn’t happen that way.

Aghi finds Timo’s attitude towards safe sex irresponssible and careless, while Timo thinks Aghi is judgemental and preachy.

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Upon Aghi’s insistence, Lukas and a very reluctant Timo find themselves at the clinic for an anonymous HIV testing procedure.

The wait for the results is torturous for Timo, because he thinks he is HIV-positive. He even relates his will to Lukas over the phone!

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What were the results?

Did anything good come out of the clash between the bff and the bf?

Watch ‘Conq Ep4: The Test’ by Lucky Kuswandi (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: For mature audiences only.

‘Episode 4: The Test’ is the fourth of a nine-part web series about two gay men in Jakarta. Join them in Episode 3 to watch how Aghi told Lukas about being HIV positive, or watch the web-series in full here.

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