Urban Legends Say Human Meat Has A Smell. She Sniffed Out The Truth.



Two detectives find themselves intrigued by a mysterious blind beggar. She made for a nice distraction from the unsolved case of the cannibalistic killer on the loose.


“Pig. Chicken. Cow.”

She would call out random names of animals to passersby, and the detectives couldn’t figure out why.


Infuriated by the lack of rhyme or reason to her behaviour, they confront her.

It turns out she has a nose for the hidden truth. With a simple sniff, she cracked their case wide open.

Watch ‘The Eyeless Beggar’ by Jeiji Joned (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

‘The Eyeless Beggar’ won the Best Short Film at the 2015 Festival Short Cinema in Jakarta and the Best Favourite Film at Presslist 7 : Youth Sineas Awards in Bali.

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