Her Feelings Are All Stirred Up, By A Spoon


Her Feelings Are All Stirred Up, By A SpoonThe Spoon ss2 krk

The Spoon ss3 krk

The boyfriend disappeared after their camp-out at the forest. His last words were enigmatic, something about being a spoon. It was a made-up story, and he could not follow his train of thought.

She shrugged it off and went to sleep, but she finds herself waking up alone in the woods. Beside her is her spoon. Her boyfriend? Gone.

The Spoon ss4 krk

She gets on with her life, without the boyfriend, but she begins to form a strangely strong fondness for her spoon.

The Spoon sw ss1 krk

What’s a girl to do? Well, with a bit of imagination, one can do plenty.

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