The Child And Adult Both Clung On To Their Lonely Obsession


The Hedgehog SS_02

Everybody grows up, but nobody wants to lose their childhood. It’s why we remember the good old days, of the ice cream man, playing jump rope with friends and Super Mario.

Or in the case of this loner, Sonic the Hedgehog, his favourite video game hero. He is a solitary figure wandering across the quiet suburbs in his self-made suit that’s a few sizes too small. It’s his cloak that disguises him from the real world, allowing him to relive his childhood memories.

The Hedgehog SS_01

He gets intrigued by a strange man in the park and decides to follow him home. There’s something about the air of loneliness surrounding the guy that’s familiar. The niggling feeling becomes especially real when he trespasses and steps inside the guy’s house.

The Hedgehog SS_05

The Hedgehog SS_06

It would seem that that urge to never grow up is something we never really grow out of. And this sort of half-life is a terrible way to live.

Watch ‘The Hedgehog’ by Chris Lee & Paul Storrie (United Kingdom) on Viddsee:

‘The Hedgehog’ won the award of One Reeler Best Short Film 2015 and also received nominations at the British Council Best UK Short Film and the London Short Film Festival 2015. To find out more about the directors, visit the official website here.

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