The Classroom Was Her Trial Run At Being A Mother



If Ariela’s first day as a substitute teacher was any indication how she would be as a mother, the results were disheartening.

The class showed not an ounce of respect, exchanging notes, defying her orders and making a laughing stock out of her presence.


The introvert was left on edge, barking orders and further not winning any favours with her students.

It was worrying.

In 9 months, she would have a child to call her own and this merely proved she wasn’t cut out to be a mother.


The decision weighed on her, a heavy burden on her slight shoulders, as she hid this secret from her parents. She suffered alone.

What Ariela forgot is that nobody is ever really born a mother. The maternal instinct grows silently with each passing day as long as care is showered.


It’s a truth that slowly dawns on her in her interactions with David, the sullen but tender 15-year old in her class.

Perhaps, all hope of being a good mother wasn’t lost quite yet.

Watch ‘Substitute Teacher’ by Shirly Lee Price (Israel) on Viddsee:

‘Substitute Teacher’ has travelled across multiple international film festivals including 2015 Ozark Shorts, Los Angeles, 2014 Mostra Viva Cinema del mediterrani in Spain, and 2012 International Women’s Film Festival in Israel. It won Best Fictional Film Festival at the 2014 Central Illinois Feminist Film Festival, and Best International Film at the 2013 Fingal Film Festival in Ireland.

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