The Earth Is Moving Too Fast For Him. He Needs To Catch Up.


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Time matters only when we’re aware of it passing. So we take our time every day: waking up, having breakfast, commuting to work. There’s no hurry if we’re not late.

Derek does the same.

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That is, until he read a fun science fact on his cereal box. Then he starts to feel his world move. Literally.

He is made conscious of time and its inexorable passage. Of the fact that time waits for no man, and neither does a gigantic planet rotating and hurtling its way through space.

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Derek struggles to keep up. He needs to go faster. He climbs out of a moving train and onto the roof, clinging on for all he’s worth as the wind whips past his slow slow body.

The Earth is spinning and he needs to catch up. He needs to go faster.

He needs to escape.

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‘Slow Derek’ won the Visual Science Award at the UCD Imagine Science Film Satellite Festival 2012, the Golden Monkey King Award at the 8th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival 2012, and the Grand Prix for Animayo 2012 ans Animated Encounters 2011.

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