The Emergency Signal He Answered Left Him Shaken, Yet Moved



It looked like it was going to be another slow night at work when Hugo heard a beep.

In the cloudless night skies above the Azores Archipelago, a lost plane was seeking help, far away from land and running out of fuel.



The pilot, James, knows there’s only one real outcome from his unchartered course. The weathered adventurer is ready for his final trek into the great beyond.


But in his final moments, hundreds of miles away from the closest human, James isn’t alone.

Across static and wavelengths, the two form a bond and their interaction is all the fuel needed for James to go easy into the good night.

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‘North Atlantic’ is a multi-award winning short film that has travelled across the world’s best film festivals picking up plaudits like Best Short Film at Savannah, Anchorage, Funchal and Audience Award at Milan and Warsaw International Film Festival.

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