The Film Genius You Don’t Know About



“He could have been another Orson Welles.”
—Gloria Mayware, Film Teacher

“You can definitely see that he was a genius”
— Piero Basso, Filmmaker

“John’s works were magnificent. Personally, I think they were masterpieces”
— Nick Hargst, Historian


Who is John Wellmore? He was an obsessive photographer and filmmaker, born in 1902. A genius, an artist, and madly in love with his leading lady Marla.

Most significantly, he was also an unwitting pioneer in cinema.


Through his innovative approach to film equipment, some of his discoveries (including the fisheye lens) precede similar efforts by others, sometimes by decades!

who is john wellmore 11.jpg

How did this captivating figure vanish in popular history? Why isn’t he seen as one of the Great American Filmmakers?

Learn more about this intriguing story from the mockumentary below:

Watch ‘Who is John Wellmore?’ by Jazmin Donaldson (Argentina/United States/United Kingdom) on Viddsee:

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