She’s Mad Now, But Wait Till He Unveils Her Birthday Surprise


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The girlfriend’s pissed at him. He’s gone too far this time. She’s going off for her morning routine, and so has he – sitting in his undies, in front of the TV, munching on a bit of breakfast.

She’s not saying what’s bugging her, and he just gives her a blank face.

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But as soon as she’s off, he springs into action.

Jill, the girlfriend, is at a cycling trail and he’s got to hurry. He’s got a surprise for her. For it to work out, it’s all about timing.

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It’s all about timing, Jack. Timing!

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Directed by Nash Edgerton, with Nash as Jack, Teresa Palmer as Jill and Warwick Thornton as the ranger. Original music composition by Ben Lee, Ione Skye & Jack Graddis. More of Nash’s work here.

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