Sometimes The Best Revenge Comes Without Firing A Bullet



On the happiest day of his life, his wife and unborn child was snatched away from him. To have a taste of such joy, only to be robbed from it is what drives him to this door.



Behind it sits the man who deprived him from the full life he should have had. And in his hand, a loaded gun.

With vengeance thrumming in his veins and his finger on the trigger, he needs to choose his next course of action.


A bullet would be a swift conclusion to the retaliation he seeked, fitting given his wife’s abrupt end.

But he’s no murderer.


So he opts for something more deadly — the inescapable spiral of guilt.

Watch ‘The Guilt’ (La Culpa) by David Victori (US) on Viddsee:

‘The Guilt’ was selected by Hollywood director Ridley Scott as the winner of the ‘Your Film Festival’, YouTube’s first online short film competition and festival in 2012. Since winning, he has been working with Ridley Scott and actor Michael Fassbander to create a webseries for YouTube. Read more about the director here.

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