When Grandma Fell Sick, They Learnt An Important Lesson


As the famous saying goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. We usually only find out how true this saying is after experiencing the downsides of not planning earlier, be it for an event, a project or just life in general.

Imagine this scenario. You’ve just graduated and secured a great oncoming opportunity to further your studies. Nothing can defeat you, you’re at the top of the world! Between that moment and subsequently capturing and eternalising one of the most momentous events of your life, you find out Grandma’s cancer might have returned.

AXA The Family Portrait Viddsee Short Film by Tariq Mansor
Well, it isn’t a wonder why no one else seems to be smiling in this picture.

To top that off, you and your family end up having to think of ways to raise money in order to pay for Grandma’s treatment. You might even have to give up your studies! Oh, the amount of stress and helplessness in the entire situation!

AXA The Family Portrait Viddsee Short Film by Tariq Mansor

Why You Really Should Plan Ahead

Planning decreases stress

Planning ahead, be it your day, week or month, you will feel more in control of your daily life.
Planning ahead allows you to feel safe and thus reduces stress levels, which we all know can only be good for you.

You’re not caught dumbfounded when something unplanned happens

Planning helps us focus on the things that we want, helping us chart an actionable path towards our goals. It helps us chart out contingency plans and assess risks that could potentially derail us from our future goals.

But the beautiful part about planning ahead is that it helps gives us choices during bad situations. If this family had planned ahead for rainy days, they could have been thinking of treatment options instead of sacrifices.

Watch ‘The Family Portrait’ by Tariq Mansor (Singapore) to see how this story unfolds:

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