The Journey Was Not In The Destination. It Was In The People They Met!


En Route ss8 krk

These train passengers shared their cabin with strangers. They didn’t have to begin any meaningful conversation. No one was obliged to hush a crying baby, or help a fellow traveller in need.

But they all reached out to each other, slowly breaking the ice.

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En Route ss4 krk

En Route ss9 krk

In one cabin, a baby needed a lullaby and some cabin entertainment. In another cabin, two strangers needed a friend, reassurance and good faith. In another, a traveller, needed direction and a little stability. Soon their cabins, were a lot more entertaining and colourful than it used to.

Here, peak into these three cabins and travellers on a journey to the South of Europe!

Watch ‘En Route” by Xu Chang (China) on Viddsee:

‘En Route’ screened at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner in Cannes, France, and at film festivals in Czech Republic, Russia, India, Canada and in the US.

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