This Might Be The Last Mission For These Very Proud SAF Peacekeepers


The Line SS2

One of these two Singapore Armed Forces personnel may not survive this deployment to the fictional state of Taunesia for a peacekeeping mission.

Corporal Ahmad and Sergeant Jason are shown goofing around on patrol, but deep inside they’re both extremely proud of their job, even for what seems like misguided intentions.

The Line SS3

It’s just a routine patrol. But as they are summoned to guide a mysterious woman back into the safe zone, the local militia creep up on them. Gunfire ensues.

This could be their last mission.

Watch ‘The Line’ by Cheng Shian Wen on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion advised: Contains violence and profanity.

The film was shot almost entirely at a mountain bike park in Singapore, says the filmmaker in this feature in The Online Citizen, and written based on some real life hot spots in the region where the Singapore Armed Forces sent relief missions.

Watch another action-packed film from Taiwan, ‘Sniper’, about two snipers in a hostage situation.

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