The Last Square Of His Favourite Toilet Paper



Ah Gong is down to the last square of his favourite toilet paper. A dissatisfying end to a satisfying toilet session.


His daughter hands him another roll, but Ah Gong doesn’t recognise the brand. For him, only Sampan toilet paper can effectively add the final polish.

He doesn’t believe it when his daughter says his favourite isn’t available anywhere.


He goes to prove her wrong — he’ll get the job done. When his friend agrees that Sampan toilet paper can no longer be found, he is even more impatient.


Yet, the hunt is not going as smoothly as he imagined. Will he find an ending that can wipe away his dread?

Watch Ah Gong’s Toilet Paper by Kylie Tan and Priscilla Goh (Singapore) on Viddsee!:

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