He Preys On Little Girls, Now His Victims Prey On His Mind


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He lurks in the shadows where they play, and he creeps up into their bedrooms to look at them.

He’s not just a pedestrian — he’s a pedestrian with criminal intent, with an urge to violate little girls.

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Pedestrian ss3 krk

This psychological thriller is difficult to watch, but the girls he watched over return, and they will not leave him in peace.

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Viewer discretion: Contains mild violence.

Directed, produced, written and edited by Claire Ensslin, starring Thomas Wesson, Anastasia, Alyssa Drivas and Meredith Waldruff.

‘Pedestrian’ was inspired by short story ‘The Fury’ by Robert M. Coates. Claire’s produced this short film for the School of Visual Arts’ BFA programme. More on Claire here.

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