She Pushed Everyone Away To Protect Herself From Getting Hurt


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She wanted to protect herself from getting hurt. Letting someone in was painful, but it was worthwhile in the end.

Lisa, the new girl in school, made it clear that she didn’t need and didn’t want friends. The class outcast, Yoko, was intrigued by her behaviour and couldn’t leave her alone.

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Over a week, she enticed Lisa with homework, cookies and cakes, hoping to gain her friendship. Their dysfunctional friendship was almost within reach. But the more eager Yoko was, the harder Lisa pushed back.

She became colder and even more distant.

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One day, the class learns the real reason behind Lisa’s transfer. It almost left Yoko in tears, but she finally understood why things were the way that they were.

Watch ‘Transferring’ by Junichi Kanai (Japan) on Viddsee:

Junichi’s film is part of our Sapporo International Short Film Festival channel on Viddsee.

‘Transferring won the top award in two categories at Sapporo Short Fest, Best Director and Best National Short Award.

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