The Noise Was Driving Her Crazy. Why Are Her Neighbours So Inconsiderate?


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“What’s wrong with the idiots?”

Peggy is infuriated.

Her noisy neighbours are driving her crazy. The drilling, hammering, wailing, screaming, are not letting her get any work done. The constant noise is making it impossible to sleep too.

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Having reached the end of her patience, she decides to confront them.

Hands on her hips, pursed up lips, she marches towards the source of the noise.

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She discovers something rather unexpected.

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According to the Graciousness Index 2015, more than half of the respondents surveyed maintained mostly superficial relationships with their neighbours, stopping at greeting and acknowledging each other in common spaces.

‘Neighbours’ was conceptualised by 3-Sixty Brand Communications to promote the message of friendship and harmony among neighbours. Read more about the campaign here.

Here’s another short film about noisy neighbours — a comedy! Watch this Indian drama ‘Neighbours’ here on Viddsee

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