She Thought The Man Sleeping Next To Her Was Her Husband…


The Open Window sw ss2 krk

Her husband had left the window open again, something you don’t want to do on a hot night in Bangkok. The mosquitoes here are monstrous.

The Open Window sw ss3 krk

She swats at a mosquito on her neck, and it bursts into a bloody mess.

The Open Window sw ss4 krk

She goes to the bathroom to wash it off, only to find more blood than she can handle. The open window had let in something more bloodthirsty than mosquitoes…

Watch ‘The Open Window’ by Oliver Wolfson (Thailand) on Viddsee:

‘The Open Window’ is part of the Bangkok Horror Short Film Festival channel on Viddsee that coincided with the event that happened in October 2015. To watch more horror shorts from independent filmmakers living in and around Bangkok, click here.

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