The Pirates Baited The Fisherman. There Were Bigger Fish To Catch.


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The waters are his home. Why would he plunder the seas, and take what isn’t his?

Abdi lives in Somalia, a country ravaged by famine and war for two decades. There’s no economy. He’s a fisherman, and these waters were his livelihood. There’s not as much in his nets these days, but he sticks by his routine and tries to lead an honest life. With a sick daughter and daily empty nets, it’s a struggle.

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The local pirates tried to tempt him with a better life, in exchange for his knowledge of shipping lanes in the northern waters. Abdi resisted. They dropped all their charm and cornered him with guns.

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But the bait has been cast and the hook is too enticing to ignore. It may seem like a trap, but Abdi was already trapped to begin with.

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‘Fishing Without Nets’ won the Grand Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. It was shot in East Africa using Somali and Kenyan non-actors over the span of 3 months. Cutter expanded on the story in a feature film of the same name that premiered in 2014 that was co-produced by Vice Media.

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