The Real Game Wasn’t About Winning. It’s To Play, To Be A Better Person.


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Sean is wiry, not very responsive, has poor form, and is at best an average player. He shouldn’t qualify to play in the school team. Even his team captain Ryan doesn’t want him, and made it very clear.

Stubbornly, he held on to hope. He just wanted to play.

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The team coach reminded Ryan why they played: not to win. As a mentor, Ryan did what he could to train him, and the rest of the team rallied on. They were only as strong as the weakest link.

At the big play offs with a rival school, Ryan tried to give Sean as many opportunities as he could to play. The rival team captain, Mike, was pissed at his strategy: it was a poor game and he wasn’t satisfied on court.

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The two captains faced off.

In an unexpected twist of events, Mike made a miracle happen. He forgot about the game, the scoreboard, and his ego.

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It was a win, for everyone.

The crowd went wild.

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