A Mum’s Sacrifce & Love Turns Into Revenge After A Botched Surgery


The Respirator SS2 KRK

How far will a mother go to save her son from danger?

We all know about sacrifices and love, but in this short film a mother’s dedication to her son is put to test when she undergoes a heart transplant to save him.

The Respirator SS4 KRK

Her 7 year old son can only be saved through an experimental surgery by her ex-husband.

Her operation is a success, but the consequences that come with it are terrifying.

The Respirator SS3 KRK

She tries to redeem herself again, through an act of revenge, not sacrifice.

The Respirator SS1 KRK

Every life has a price. This time it’s both her and her son’s lives are at stake.

Watch ‘Respirator’ (铁心) by Michael Tay on Viddsee:

‘Respirator’ was selected to screen at the 23rd Singapore International Film Festival and the 14th Pusan International Film Festival.

Here’s an insightful short film on a parent’s love, ‘The Promise’ by Clayton Lai, a heartwarming story about a widowed father and his son

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