A Young Boy Washed Up On A Beach. These Friends Helped Say Goodbye.



The schoolboys could tell something was bothering Miss Nouri.

They guessed it was due to the recent news update of little Alan Kurdi, the Syrian refugee who drowned and was found washed up on Turkish shores.


The typically cheerful teacher was in a sombre mood as she tried to explain to the inquisitive boys how the body of a 3-year-old ended up lifeless on a beach.

The topic was delicate, touching on desperation and destruction during wartimes.


All the fun in the sun couldn’t shake what they learnt today.

Together with Miss Nouri, they banded together in an unusual group work to honour the fallen boy.


It was a bittersweet departure for a boy they never knew and their young boyishness left behind on the sandy beaches that day.


Watch ‘The Sea Won’t Forget That Day’ by Mohammad Reza Moayedi (Iran) on Viddsee:

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