He Fell In Love With This Gorgeous Garbage Collector


A Boy's Prayer SS_06a

When Dicky meets the beautiful rubbish collector, he’s speechless and stumped. He’s too much of an introvert to react normally and instead of introducing himself, he snaps a picture of her.

He decides to share his find with the world online. This is going to up his street cred, no doubt.

A Boy's Prayer

But his creepy actions result in a reaction he cannot comprehend. She isn’t impressed and he’s left feeling like a bigger loser than he really is.

He tries to atone for his sins by offering her a helping hand and the unlikely duo end up on a treasure hunt. He learns that while she may deal with garbage, she’s able to find value in everything around her.

A Boy's Prayer SS_04a

And remarkably, she is the exact person he needs to find his own worth.

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