World’s Loneliest Man Grows A Friend. He Had It In Him, All The While.



Loneliness was his constant companion.

This bachelor never had company as he passed the day playing the xylophone and reading comics. One night he discovers a growth under his arm. His attempts at cutting off inflamed it. In fact, it develops into a full-fledged being with a second head.


Suddenly what could have been the worst thing in his life becomes the best gift ever. They develop a close friendship as the tumour grows on him.

It was ugly, but it was part of him. He had it in him all the while.

Watch ‘Benigni’ by Elli Vuorinen, Pinja Partanen, Jasmiini Ottelin on Viddsee BUZZ:

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‘Benigni’ was created by the 3 students while studying at Turku Arts Academy in Finland. It has travelled across international festivals, winning awards that include Best Animation at the Budapest Short Film Festival, and Audience Award at the Curta Cinema Festival in Brazil. For a full list of festivals, this film has travelled at, click here.

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