The Undertaker Is Here. Someone Is Going To Die. Someone Has To.


The Backwater Gospel sw ss1 krk

As the sky darkens with the shadow wings of ravens, the inhabitants of Backwater tremble behind bolted doors. The Undertaker is here. Like a vulture, his very presence foretells a grim demise, a fresh coffin.

Death is coming.

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For seven days they hid, away from the Undertaker’s ever-patient gaze, praying for their lives. But the Undertaker remains unmoving at his post. Waiting.

The Backwater Gospel sw ss3 krk

Worn ragged with worry and fear, the townsfolk congregate at the church, looking towards the Lord for an end to their suffering.

It is a test of faith, declared the Minister. The Lord wants them to destroy the bad apple, the ungodly Tramp, to cast the heretic from their midst.

“The blasphemer shall be stoned!”

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But Death awaits all mortals, god-fearing or not.

Watch ‘The Backwater Gospel’ by Bo Mathorne (Denmark) on Viddsee:

‘The Backwater Gospel’ won the European New Talent Award at Encounters International Film Festival 2011.

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