Her Classmate’s Death Was An Accident, But She Wasn’t Fully Innocent


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Prejudice is not a crime, but it can be deadly.

A young Japanese girl waiting on the train platform accidentally kills her classmate because she is disgusted by her appearance.

It was all over a bottle of varnish, an it was an honest misunderstanding if it weren’t for her own prejudice about the girl’s appearance.

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The accident haunts her for days, even as she locked herself up in the bedroom. She’s haunted by the guilt and the soul of the innocent girl.

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The girl was ugly, but the stain on her character was uglier. But she knew it, and embraced it to the end.

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Directed by David Broner, Kevin Cordier-Royer, Tristan Jaegly, Vincent Touache, Chien-Chang Wu, Jake Delamare, with music by Slava Pogorelsky.

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