The Wheelchair Was A Burden, Then It Became A Blessing



This is the inspiring true story of Michael, a Person With Disability.


Born without the use of his legs, Michael has spent his life feeling weighed down by the wheelchair he rolled around in. Hope was a dying flame, casting more shadows than light in his life.


But surrounded by inspiring people, he finds something awaken in him.


He makes what was thought impossible, become a lifelong passion and career.

He takes a stand.

Watch ‘The Complicated Dance To The Wheel Of Life’ (Magulong Sayaw Ng Buhay) by Arjanmar H. Rebeta (Philippines) on Viddsee:

This film is based on Michael, a real life PWD (Person With Disability), who has inspired many with his pursuit of dance, which has seen him representing the Phillipines on the world stage.

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