The Whole World Dreamt About Him Last Night. It Was Not A Good Dream.


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Today is the worst day of his life. His girlfriend woke up completely terrified of him.

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He gets thrown out of his job because people couldn’t stand him touching their food.

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And now he’s on the floor of a convenience store with a gun shoved into his face.

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All because somehow, the entire world had a collective nightmare about him, in which he apparently did inconceivably horrifying things to each and every one of them.

What did he even do?!

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‘Sequence’ won Best Of Fest at LA Shorts – Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, and was screened at numerous film festivals, among them the Mile High Horror Film Festival, Fantasia Film Festival, Landshut Shortfilm Festival, Raindance Film Festival, and the Cannes Short Film Corner.

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