He Treats His Gang Members Like Family. As Long As They Don’t Betray Him.


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‘The Gang’ is a badass short film about love, betrayal, crime and brotherhood. This is set in the 1970s, when the Singaporean government started exterminating secret societies in the 1970s, after lording over for decades.

Lawless? Gangsters? In Singapore? Fiction? Yes, back in the day, gangsters in Singapore were so notorious that it made international news in 1951, wedged between horse races and birthday announcements.

The Gang FI Rewrte

‘The Gang’, tells the story of an 18-year old Hao Nan who seeks to avenge his father’s death.

Through a series of incidents, he is introduced and initiated into the Red Luck Gang.

The film came about as the director Kelvin Sng unearthed fascinating and intriguing stories about criminal history in Singapore from the 1950s-1980s.

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We won’t spoil it for you. If the photos above doesn’t suggest enough about the film’s content, here’s a warning that it contains violence.

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Viewer discretion advised: Contains violence

The scenes, characters and events are entirely fictional, though Kelvin did adapt the torture scene from what he knew about punishments for adultery, according to Kelvin.

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