An Adultery And Family Betrayal, Their Choices Were Never Right


Love Me Not ss3 krk

Here are two lovers, impossibly intertwined.

Jesse and Jane both know their relationship isn’t right. He’s getting married. This romance can never happen, but yet it has.

Love Me Not ss4 krk

Their reunion is intense as is their love for each other.

It’s been 18 long years since they were separated, and there’s no way they can be apart again.

Love Me Not ss1 krk

They argue over their relationship, about the other woman, about their parents. It’s all inconsequential in the moment, but it’s a reality they both have to face.

It’s a tearful, tragic and emotional day.

Love Me Not ss2 krk

It’s a curse that they might never be able to walk away.

Dusk falls. The sun sets.

Maybe, just maybe, they will have another day together.

Watch ‘Love Me Not’ (No Ama Conmigo) by Ryanne Murcia (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Ryanne’s film received jury citations in the Mindanao film category at the Salamindanaw International Film Festival and was selected for the 6th Cinema Rehiyon National Film Festival.

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