Do Parallel Dimensions Exist? Watch This Series Explore The Question Of The Multiverse!


Imagine this: there are many versions of you living different lives in many parallel dimensions. Do you think that could be possible? How do you distinguish what is an illusion and what is reality?

At 13 Hill Ave, there exists a multiverse where their inhabitants find themselves travelling through the dimensions meeting versions of themselves and each other. Each new dimension serves a different iteration of Dave, Sarah and Ryan.

Watch ‘The Multiverse At 13 Hill Ave‘, a 5-episode web series by acclaimed filmmaker Daniel Yam as Dave, Sarah and Ryan navigate their way around their home, across the universe(s) and a way back to each other.

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The family at 13 Hill Ave. (l-r): Dave Chan (played by Joshua Tan), Ryan (played by Ethan Ng), Sarah (Caryn Cheng)

Would you still want a child if it could cost you your life?

Watch ‘The Multiverse At 13 Hill Ave – Ep 1: Story 1’ by Daniel Yam (Singapore) on Viddsee:

Meet Dave and Sarah. They’re happily married and trying to conceive. One day, they receive an ominous warning: Sarah will have a baby… but she won’t live to see her baby’s first birthday. Is Sarah determined to still become a mother, even if it’ll cost her her life?

Watch ‘The Multiverse At 13 Hill Ave – Ep 2: Story 2’ by Daniel Yam (Singapore) on Viddsee:

Sarah comes face to face with a woman who looks exactly like her and is told to “go back to where she came from”. Puzzled – she travels through the portals to find her way back to her family. Will she manage to make it back to them?

Watch ‘The Multiverse At 13 Hill Ave – Ep 3: Story 3’ by Daniel Yam (Singapore) on Viddsee:

In one universe, Dave doesn’t get to live to meet his unborn son. But he leaves his son equipped with recordings and instructions to take care of Sarah and to be the Man of the House. Heartbroken and abandoned, what does Ryan say when he suddenly comes face to face with the father he only got to know through voice and video recordings?

Would you cheat destiny if you knew you could search for your perfect soul mate?

Watch ‘The Multiverse At 13 Hill Ave – Ep 4: Story 4’ by Daniel Yam (Singapore) on Viddsee:

Dave travels through multiple universes looking for the perfect Sarah – the one that’s just right for him. After losing Sarah in his original universe due to a wrong decision and bad timing, Dave embarks on a search to find his perfect Sarah. Will he be able to cheat destiny?

Watch ‘The Multiverse At 13 Hill Ave – Ep 5: Story 5’ by Daniel Yam (Singapore) on Viddsee:

After journeying across multiple universe(s) – Dave and Ryan find themselves together, broken and alone. They may keep searching for answers across the universes… but they’re now caught in a loop that won’t end. Will they let go of their unhappy past and focus on their happy future?

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