There Was No Gym In Laos, So These Boys Made The City Their Training Ground



In Laos, the flames of the ‘can-do’ spirit so intrinsic to third world countries are alive and burning brightly.

How else would freerunning, a sport originating from France, find its way there?


To hear T-Bom, Oleq, Koy and Boy, it is the low barrier of entry, just a pair of sports shoes, and the result of a lack of indoor training facilities that nurtured their unique interest.

The four locals who comprise Team Ize hurtle forwards mesmerisingly, spinning and flipping through the air, across obstacles, their boundless forms seemingly unconfined by the rules of gravity.



Make no mistake; these are not boys goofing off. There is dance and design incorporated in their movements, making them much more than junkies chasing an adrenaline rush.

And now they are about to take the global stage, at an international free running competition in Bangkok, Thailand.


Powered by the potent mixture of passion, adrenaline and youth, these ordinary boys display their extraordinary energy and resilience.

It’s a wondrous sight.

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