Her Brother’s Appetite For Human Meat Is Gnawing At Her Humanity


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Her brother is afflicted by a strange sickness. He craves human meat, and he won’t eat anything else. He is ravenous, consumed by a dreadful hunger.

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He terrifies her, but he’s still her brother. She can’t just let him fend for himself. So she provides for him, as best as she can.

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But the terrible things she has to do hangs heavy, and she gets closer and closer to breaking. Flesh and blood can only go so far.

Watch ‘Unod’ (Flesh) by George Macapagal (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains disturbing scenes

‘Unod’ was awarded Best Short Film at the Binisaya Film Festival and two awards at Short10Cinema — Best In Show at the Horror Film Challenge and the Audience Award at the Webfest. It was the official selection at the Cinema Rehiyon, also in the Philippines.

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