There’s A Girl From School Who Drowned That She Couldn’t Forget


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There’s a terrible incident from high school that Fiona could not forget. It was the death of her school friend, and how she got the news on the phone while being in the presence of the said friend.

It could be a ghost, it could be her imagination. Years on, she still couldn’t shake off the memory and the discovery of her friend’s drowned body.

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Now a novelist, she tries to record the events as she thought happened.

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She recalled all the little details, the sun’s reflection in the water, and even the conversation with the security guard who found her body.

She remembered everything, except for the girl’s face.

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It was true that this was a ghost from the past that haunted her.

She was that ghost.

Watch ‘Floating Sun’ by Edmund Yeo (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

This was produced by Doghouse73 Pictures as part of the 3 Doors Of Horror anthology. Watch another film from the series, Horror Mission.

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