He’s A Long Lost Friend & A Perhaps Lover


After Lasik ss8 krk

She’s hosting a long lost friend who needed a place to crash for an audition.

The reunion was civil, courteous, and he even offered to sleep on the floor that night. But passion emerged in the stillness of their interactions, and as quickly as they came, they subsided.

After Lasik ss10 krk

They cuddled that night.

She begins to wonder if their attachment to each other meant anything.

In her own quiet way, she asked for clarity, but there was none.

After Lasik ss9 krk

After Lasik ss5 krk

And so it began, her primer on the ambiguity and murkiness that is love, relationship and romance.

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Zhou Quan’s short film was made for the Taipei Golden Horse Film Academy’s programme for young directors, under the mentorship of renown filmmaker Hou Hsiao-Hsien.

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