When There’s Something Strange With Your Personal Data, Who Ya Gonna Call?



Detective Green and his new partner, Cindy, have a new case on their hands.

The personal data of customers from an e-commerce website has leaked online and Mr Gan, the company’s head, wants to know who the culprit is.


The investigative duo interview the staff with little to no success. There’s the blur worker, the enthusiastic oversharer, and the clueless janitor. But not a single suspected thief.



While trashing out his thoughts with Cindy, Detective Green makes a sudden realisation that busts the case wide open.


As he unveils to Mr Gan, when it comes to personal data, it’s better to be safe than sorry. For you never know when a simple mistake can result in a giant disaster!

Watch ‘The Importance Of Using Protection: Ep 2 – The Great Leak‘ by Tariq Mansor on Viddsee:

‘The Importance Of Using Protection’ is a web series produced in collaboration with Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC).

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