These Boys Are Making Singapore Proud With Decks Of Cards


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There’s not much that separates Huron Low, Jeremy Tan, Daren Yeow, Kevin Ho and Joshua Tan from other Singaporean boys. But put a deck of cards in their hands, and their flourishing skills come alive.

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Their fifty-two thousand YouTube subscribers and seven million viewers know them as The Virts, a short-form for The Virtuosos.

As one of the pioneers of cardistry, a skill-based talent best described as “flourishing” (juggling with cards), these boys are Internet superstars with a global fandom. It all began, as it does these days, in a bedroom with a video camera and editing software.

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Their success and fame wasn’t a fluke. It was their dedication to the artform, the spirit of sharing and community-building, and an eye for innovation that brought them this far.

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Today, they run a successful online enterprise and have headlined a cardistry convention in Brooklyn. The group hopes to dispel misconceptions about cardistry and its association with gambling and hope to introduce cardistry into a co-curricular activity in high schools.

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