These Boys Need A ‘Badass’ Plan To Get Into A Party


The three boys are delighted while watching tv

Classmates Kar Wai, Chris and Tony found footage of the lit senior party last year. Only the coolest kids from school are allowed to attend.

Sleeping Beauty lounges on her side, but her face is obscured

They are frustrated by pixelated footage of the famed and mysterious Sleeping Beauty at the school party — legend has it, she’s the prettiest girl in school. Few have seen her, as she’s only in school when she feels like it. The boys are intrigued, and like what they hear.

three boys enter an intense group discussion

The boys start scheming to get tickets to the party to check her out themselves. Tony is confident he will not only get an invite, but that his ideas will get his friends in too.

Boys dressed up in cool film costumes but not looking cool

Boys confronting bullies, Kar Wai's hand stuck out for tickets

Tony’s plan is to dress as cool film characters during the school’s Express Yourself Day. They march up to the party organisers — school bully Tree and his friends — and demand tickets to the party.

Tree is a big guy in a leather jacket, with two smaller henchmen, all grinning condescendingly

Their new look is met with laughter and derision, but Tree gives them a slim chance. They can impress him by doing something ‘badass’ (and filming it) within a week. If they fail, Tree would force them to run around the school twice — wearing only their boxers.

The boys in their dim hideout full of knick knacks and film memorabilia

The clock is ticking for the boys, and their next plan needs to be better than the first!

Tony smiles

Of course, Tony has another ‘brilliant’ idea…

Watch ‘Express Yourself Day’ the first episode of ‘Sleeping Beauty & The Man In The Red Suit’ by Jacky Lee (Singapore) on Viddsee!

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