These Nerds Are Plotting A ‘Robin Hood’ Heist



Tony has an idea to impress school bully Tree and get tickets to his exclusive party!


He and his friends could rob the rich stationery shop near school, and give away the loot to poor students. Rumours abound that Tree was dating the daughter of the stationery shop owner, until she put a stop to things. So Tree ought to have more reason to like this idea.

A very ‘Robin Hood’ idea to make them look ‘badass’. Chris and Kar Wai are convinced, and they set out to rob the owner the next day.



The boys make a shocking discovery: the stationery shop owner has won the lottery. Not only has she packed up her shop, she wants to give away the stationery for free!

The boys make her an unwitting accomplice in tricking Tree. They ask her to star in a ‘school film project’, where she pretends they are robbing her.


She agrees to it, but the video is less than convincing…
The boys have no other plan, so they gamble on using the falsified evidence to fool Tree.

Tree immediately sees through the ruse, riling him up. If the boys fail to impress him tomorrow, they will be stripping to their boxers and running around the school.


The boys have no clue what to do next. The deadline for humiliation looms before them…

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