These Two Bumbling Postmen Don’t Know It But They’re Cursed


Postmen SS_02

Ming and Fatty wake up disoriented. They’re in front of the post office with no recollection of how they got there.

Their bags are full with mysteriously soaked mail and their motorbike is missing. But they’re professionals, so they set about remedying their situation.

Postmen SS_03

Postmen SS_04

Postmen SS_05

What they don’t know is that amidst the pile of mail lies a cursed letter, a black envelope with an address that doesn’t exist.

Postmen SS_06

It’s a puzzle they’ll have to figure out together or they’ll be doomed forever.

Watch ‘Postmen’ (郵務士) by Aw See Wee (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

‘Postmen’ participated in and was a prize winner at Taipei’s 48 Hour Film Project in 2013.

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