Would you give up music if it was your life? What if life gets in the way of music?


The Tide Still 10

Forming a band and playing music is often a youthful ambition. The hardest hurdle is to transition that youthful ambition into adulthood. Even Myspace struggled with growing up, and growing older.

The Tide Still 4

For someone who depends on music as a livelihood, it sucks to be told that your music is not commercially viable.

It sucks even more when your bandmates slowly drift apart as their priorities change.

The Tide Still 3

The award-winning short film below, ‘The Tide’, chronicles a band’s declining momentum against the pace of urban redevelopment, pop music trends, and internal band conflict.

Disbanding was the last resort for them, but the film doesn’t end on a sad note. Their passion for music leads them back to each other, in a complete circle.

Music is their life, after all.

‘The Tide’ is Yim Sheung-man’s debut screenplay. This rite-of-passage story was inspired by his own experience with a band of friends in high school. It won the top award at Fresh Wave Short Film Festival in Hong Kong.

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