They Took Away His Home, His Dignity. He Needs To Save It All.


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He fought to keep his promise.

They had named him ‘Rizwan’, the guardian of paradise.

Ever since he was a kid, he had dreamt of being like the emperor Rizwan. The one who protects everyone. He resolved to protect their beautiful home – their paradise Kashmir.

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But it was not a paradise for long. The army infiltrated homes, in search of food, warmth and shelter. People were dying. There was no freedom, no justice, no dignity.

Their home and their land was dying a slow, painful death.

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Rizwan is captured and tortured. His innocence is questioned.

Drifting in and out of consciousness, he replays what he believes is a broken reality, and fights to uphold the promises of his past, of his name, and for his family.

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He had to protect their memories, to give his family their freedom, their dignity.

He had to help them get home, for their final release, to their final resting place.

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Based on Agha Shahid Ali’s collection of poems, ‘The Country Without A Post Office’, ‘Rizwan’ is a story of human tragedy set in Kashmir.

Watch ‘Rizwan’ by Deepti Khurana (India) on Viddsee:

‘Rizwan’ won Sony Promising Cinematographer Award at the Pune International Film Festival, theOfficial Winner of Best Camera Award at the Indradhanush Competition by FUJI, and three awards at the Pune Short Film Festival — 2nd Best Director Award, Best Camera Award, Best Sound Award.

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