They Call Her “Angel”, “Goddess”. But She Can’t Look At Her Own Face.


Lalin ss1 krk

This is Lalin. She’s an Internet celebrity with a face many adore. She’s called “angel”, “goddess”, and many more.

She chose to live behind a mask, because she can’t stand to look at her own face. Offline, she’s just another girl on the street, living her life anonymously. Her secret runs deep.

Lalin ss7 krk

Lalin ss4 krkShe knows the superficiality and the manipulative nature of the Internet, but she just wants the attention, like everyone else. She’s cynical about it, but attention is exactly what she craves. What’s so wrong with that?

Then, she meets someone who makes her smile. It all changes.

Lalin ss3 krk

She actually smiles, behind the mask. Life becomes chirpier, she enjoys the company of the new man in her life. He wants to engage her for a professional job, to translate a book from Thai to Japanese. She obliges.

Lalin ss6 krk

Problem: he wants to meet.

She commits, but chickens out at the last minute.

Disappointed, he leaves, but he also leaves her with the truth. He knows who she is, the real her.

Lalin ss8 krk

Now, unmasked, she, too, has to face the truth and irony of her own doing.

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