They Circled Him Like Sharks. This Is One Sick Fish.


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Rumour was going around that contaminated fishes are being sold at the market, and Yoon-Woo should have known better.

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Yoon-Woo’s housemate reprimanded him for not keeping up with current events. Yoon-Woo didn’t think much of it, just as he didn’t think much of being approached by a stranger and given a small gift.

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It was an innocuous request, but he had unknowingly become a target of a scam. The predators are circling him like sharks.

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Like the fishes, he was a victim of circumstance. But the frozen fish would serve its purpose, he just didn’t know any better, yet.

Watch ‘The Mackerel’ by Moon Insoo (South Korea) on Viddsee:

‘The Mackerel’ was featured at the 40th Seoul Independent Film Festival, the 32nd Busan International Short Film Festival, the 12th Seoul International Agape Film Festival and the 11th JEJU film Festival.

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